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The EIC GHG Programme features CemeCon Scandinavia
The EIC have published an article on how CemeCon Scandinavia drives the green transition.
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CIRCULAR BIOCARBON flagship project to convert urban waste to coatings
​CemeCon Scandinavia A/S is part of the flagship project CIRCULAR BIOCARBON, which kicked off on June 14th.
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Coatings can protect against corrosion
The surface of plastic processing tools is exposed to a variety of corrosive agents from decomposing of plastics and its additives. Highly chemically inert ceramic coatings, when deposited densely without defects, prevent corrosion by isolating the tool surface from the damaging environment.
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Protect polished surfaces with biocompatible coating
CemeCon sputter-PVD coatings protect every surface finish against wear and changes
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CemeCon coatings in the fight against Corona
CemeCon´s hard ceramic PVD coatings contribute to raise the productivity of medical devices by enabling stable large scale production 24/7. Applied on tools, the coatings drastically reduce maintenance, cleaning, repairs and production stops.
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High-precision dimensional correction of tools with CCMold Correct
Specially developed precision PVD coatings from CemeCon Scandinavia offers a completely new way of saving or adjusting injection molding tools. The size of tool parts can be corrected at the micrometer level with a hard, wear resistant coating.
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Minimizing of maintenance of a 32-cavity tool with CCMold DLC
A ceramic non-stick coating minimizes the deposits in the cavities, makes the cleaning and maintenance of molds a lot easier and at the same time ensures wear and corrosion protection. See example with customer tool processing technical items.
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Coating against mold buildup of POM
A ceramic non-stick coating can minimize the deposits in the cavities, make the cleaning of mold a lot easier and at the same time bring wear and corrosion resistance.
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Spring best-seller: CCMold DLC
CCMold DLC was a clear favourite for our customers in Scandinavia, Germany and other countries.
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CemeCon expands with new HiPIMS PVD machine
Our new HiPIMPS coating machine is installed and ready for operation.
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Plastic Engineering Day and Open Entrepreneurship Conference
Thursday the 24th of October, our office here in Hinnerup was emptier than usual.
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15 years anniversary
The 12th of September we had our open house in order to celebrate our 15 years as a company.
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Interview with Plastindustrien
This month a new edition of the Danish magasin "Magasinet Plast" came out.
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