High-precision dimensional correction of tools with CCMold Correct

​Our specially developed ceramic PVD coatings can be used for dimensional correction of tools. Tools can be coated completely or partially on selected areas in a desired thickness:

  • without building up the edges
  • without finishing
  • at low temperature 170° C
  • with a thickness of 1 µm to 40 µm
  • with accuracy of up to ± 10%

In this way, tool dimensions can be adjusted for corrections or finetuning processes. CCMold Correct coatings can also be used to eliminate burr formation or when repairing old worn tools. See examples below.

Complete renovation of tool including 15 µm dimensions correction in cavities

Old multi-cavity tool for technical article production

Problem description: The tool has been in production for some years. Now the surface of the cavity is worn and the molded parts are too large.

Solution: ​Instead of making new inserts, the worn inserts were thoroughly cleaned and glass blasted. Then they were coated with a 15 µm CCMold Correct, which is a hard and wear resistant PVD coating. After renovation, the tool complies with the tolerance requirements. In addition, the operation is more stable and extension of service life is expected compared to the uncoated tools.

Correction of inner cavity by 25 µm in radius – 50 µm in diameter

4-cavity tool for production of technical article

Problem description: In a new tool, one of the inserts has been grinded too deep in the inner cavity (marked in red) so that the molded parts became too large.

Solution: The wrong grinded insert was thoroughly cleaned and masked all but the hole. The mask was made with high precision, as the edge of the hole must remain sharp. The insert was coated 10 mm down the hole with a 25 µm CCMold Correct coating.

The PVD coatings have the ability to penetrate the hole at a depth corresponding to the diameter of the opening – just enough to correct the dimension in the red area. In this way, making a new insert was avoid.

Finetuning of core dimensions after change of plastic material

8-cavity tool for production of medical article for diagnostics

Problem description: By the production with an existing tool, the processed material has been changed. The new plastic type has significantly larger shrinkage, which made the critical dimension of the molded article 0.05 mm too small.

Solution: The cores were thoroughly cleaned and the blue areas were masked precisely to preserve sharp edges on the closing surface. The brown area was coated with a 25 µm CCMold Correct coating

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