Protect polished surfaces with biocompatible coating

​​Polished surfaces are highly sensitive to handling and are easily damaged by scratching, hitting or corrosion. A thin hard ceramic coating, which does not change the polish grade, can be applied to protects the surface and eliminate expensive re-polishing.

CemeCon's hard ceramic coatings can be used in the pharmaceutical and food industry as they comply with FDA requirements for food and medico (non-toxic, tested according to the ISO 10993-5 standard).

Medical device in transparent PC, metallized

Before coating

Parts Problems with parts sticking to the core, high demolding force, and plastics deposits on the cores causing > scratches on the parts inner wall, frequent and difficult cleaning, and wear and fretting on the conical part.

Coated with CCMold HyperSlip CrN

The insert was coated with CCMold HyperSlip CrN to ensure better release of the molded parts and to protect the high-gloss polished area from wear and scratches. At the same time, the customer got a better flowing of the plastic material into the cavity. The secondary surfaces of the tool were also coated and thus protected against corrosion due to degassing from the plastic.

The biocompatibility requirement was met as CCMold HyperSlip CrN from CemeCon is approved for food and medico according to ISO 10993-5.

Our PVD Sputter coatings follow exactly surface contours. Therefore, we can protect all kinds of surface finish – i.e. polished surfaces, eroded, etched and textured surfaces.

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