Coating against mold buildup of POM

Minimizing of buildup from POM with CCMold HyperSlip TAN

Example with customer tool for processing technical items: 8-cavity tool in M333 steel moulding red POM

Problem description: During sampling of a new tool there were issues with thick red buildup already after few hours of production.

Two cavities with two different ceramic coatings where tested against uncoated ones. There was no buildup observed on the cavity with CCMold HyperSlip TAN. In the following, all other cavities were coated the same way.

During processing of polymers there is often buildup of degraded plastic material and additives, such as flame retardants, release agents, stabilizators, pigments, antistatika. The residues are getting worse and harder when they react with the grease brought to the mould to lubricate moving parts against galling. The deposits are primarily formed in the cavities, but also at ejectors, injection gates and channels.

Buildup lead to contamination of the tool and cause visual changes and defects in the surface, changes in the shape and dimensions of the article and sticking of the parts. The deposits must be removed repeatedly, which is associated with production stops and additional costs.

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