Component (CCCom)

Process equipment for medico and food, machine parts, blades, engine parts, consumer goods and other components

CCCom coating for  components prevent destructive wear, corrosion, sticking and friction problems and problems with cleaning. It provides a better quality and fewer production costs.

CCCom coatings ensure longer lifetime, which means fewer repairs, less maintenance and reduced total costs.

In several applications we have experienced, that a coating would be essential for achieving the right function at all or you can add special properties to the product.

Several CCCom coatings can be produced by low temperatures. That opens a possibility to treat temperature sensitive materials and can help to reduce weight of the parts.

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  • Easy cleaning
  • No adhesion and deposits
  • Movable parts without lubrication
  • Increased wear resistance of the component
  • Variable layer thickness from 0,5 µm to 40 μm
  • Corrosion protection
  • Surface modification without re-alloying
  • Electrically conductive or insulating surfaces
  • Eye-catching colors for special design
  • Low temperature treatment

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