PLASTic molding (CCMold)

Injection molding, extrusion, pultrusion, vacuum forming, blow molding, foil processing, welding

CCMold coatings prevent damaging wear, corrosion, adhesion and slip problems, which provide a better quality and fewer production cost.

The coatings ensure better demolding of the molded items, easier cleaning of the mold and shorter cycle times during molding.

All CCMold coatings can be produced under low temperatures, which provide the optimal and sometimes the only solution for temperature sensitive tool materials.

Practical applications that ensure large savings

Cold welding and galling occur due to lack of lubrication, and can result in expensive tool damages, renovations and downtime. CCMold coatings reduce friction, and in many cases lubrication of moving parts can be totally avoided using the unique DLC self-lubricating coating. Also, particle build-up and dust formation are greatly reduced allowing cleaner production of e.g. medical devices.

If the plastic item does not slip the core or cavity properly, it can result in poor quality and bad economy. CCMold coatings improve slip properties in the cavity, so optimal demolding is achieved. They also improve the non-stick properties, reducing sticking of plastic.

Certain types of plastic cause burns or corrosion in and around air vents. Dark shadows or a light gray scale on the surface are the first signs of burning or corrosion. The attacks can be stopped or prevented effectively with CCMold surface treatments.

Plastic often course abrasive wear of the molds, damaging the finish of polished and eroded surfaces. The CCMold coatings protects against this attrition and renovations are avoided.

Are the dimensions out of the tolerance range?

CCMold coating can be applied in very accurate thicknesses from 1 μm to 40 μm on selected surfaces. This makes it possible to adjust or correct the dimensions on new or worn parts.

Soft substrates

Copper alloys and aluminium alloys are easy to machine and have excellent thermal conductivity, therefore can in some applications replace steel parts. These alloys, however, are relatively soft and wear easily. The CCMold coatings add extremely good wear protection to parts made in such soft alloys.​ Non-hardened steels can also be protected this way.

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  • Better slip and non-stick properties against plastic
  • No adhesion and deposits
  • Movable parts without lubrication
  • Increased wear resistance of tool parts
  • Layer thickness standard 2-3 μm
  • Layer thicknesses up to 40 μm
  • Reduced cycle time
  • No burns and corrosion
  • Less maintenance of tools
  • Save money through significantly improved lifespan of your tools

CemeCon Scandinavia processes the following tool parts with PVD:

  • Polished, etched and eroded surfaces
  • Mold cavities and moving parts
  • Cores, inserts, sliders, ejecting rings
  • Hot runners, nozzles and needles
  • Duplex treatments with different coating combinations

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