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CemeCon Scandinavia offer PVD coatings developed by our own engineers.

PVD coatings are very thin coatings with a normal  thickness of 1 - 10 mikrons. In some cases we can deposit up to 40 mikrons and help save tools.

PVD coatings is very hard and wear resistant coatings with hardnesses up to 4000 HV.

The coatings protect against abrasive and adhesive wear, oxidation and corrosion and will deliver on reducing your cost of manufactoring.

CemeCon Scandinavia coatings are designed for at wide range of applications and therefor used in a wide range of segments assisting you with:

- Longer tool life.

- Reduced down time.

- Reduced tool maintanance.

- Improved part quality.

- Reduced lubricant usage.

- Enviromental awareness.

We deliver coatings to the following segments.







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CemeCon Scandinavia A/S

Navervej 28 - 8382 Hinnerup - Denmark

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Cemecon Scandinavia A/S

Navervej 28 

8382 Hinnerup

Tlf.: 70 22 11 61

CVR: 32293395