Diffractive effects

- Moulding with colour effects.

We provide the opportunity to implement innovative decoration to your injection moulded plastic part through diffractive optical effect in the mould:

​Deco effects, Holograms, Logo, QR codes or others.

​Labelling without labels, ink or any other additives.

​Authenticity protection of your parts (anti-counterfeiting).

​Virginity effect - documents parts not been used.

“What’s your idea for an innovative application”.

It is an innovative sub-micro and nanopatterning service of free form injection moulding tool inserts or tools. The technology can be applied on both planar and curved surfaces.

It allow for injection moulding of plastic parts with decoration. The diffractive optical effect is structured in a very thin hard coating on top of the injection moulding insert, which makes the surface structures very durable.

The concept is independent of the substrate material and allows you to choose the desired mould materials.

The concept has supported more than 200,000 injection moulding cycles without sign of degradation.

The concept allows you repeatedly to reuse the same inserts with only a refurbishing of the structures.

We invite you to contact us for further dialog on how you can implement our new concept in you tool strategy.

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Cemecon Scandinavia A/S

Navervej 28 

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Tlf.: 70 22 11 61

CVR: 32293395