Stainless steel forming

- Without lubrication with UltraPlex HD.

An independent university has tested a new coating from CemeCon Scandinavia for the heavy duty forming of austenitic stainless steel.

The test equipment is automated and standardized so it is possible to perform relatively compairable tests.

Our UltraPlex HD coating will protect your forming parts in your tool and you will expirience a combination of:

No use of lubrication or a reduced consumption will benefit the enviroment and work conditions.

Great savings on purchasing of lubrication.

Great savings on expenses for the washing proces.

If you combine our new UltraPlex HD coating with our RE▪SURF concept you will gain significant savings.

We invite you to contact us for further dialog on how you can implement our new concept in you tool strategy.

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Cemecon Scandinavia A/S

Navervej 28 

8382 Hinnerup

Tlf.: 70 22 11 61

CVR: 32293395