CemeCon Scandinavia A/S was founded in 2004 as is today a 100% Danish owned company.

Our coating centre in Aabyhöj specialises in coatings for injection moulding tool, tools for metal forming, other tools, different parts and components and cutting tools.

We are not only a production facility, but a know-how and research center with close relations to a large numbre of international institutes and universities in more than 20 countries.

In cooperation with CemeCon AG, we also sell complete turnkey PVD sputter coating systems for clients who wish to carry out their own coating and we develop specialised coating processes and preparation techniques for molding and forming tools for our own use and for external users.

Our position in the marketplace has been achieved through the strong client-oriented strategy which characterises all parts of the company. The company’s intensive product development is a manifestation of this targeted customer focus.

Our aim is to be Scandinavia’s most competent provider of advanced surface treatment with a unique service profile.

Contact CemeCon Scandinavia if you want to learn more about our competences within.

  • Coating solutions for the industry.
  • Turn key solutions for coating.
  • R&D projects within surface- and coating technology.​

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CemeCon Scandinavia A/S

Navervej 28 - 8382 Hinnerup - Denmark


Tlf: +45 70 22 11 61

Reg no. 32293395

Cemecon Scandinavia A/S

Navervej 28 

8382 Hinnerup

Tlf.: 70 22 11 61

CVR: 32293395