Ion implantation – the solution for your tools

- Corrosion protection of mouldings and abrasion resistance of sharp knives.

Ion implantation is a process where ions are shot into the surface of another object. This takes place in an ion accelerator, which is shown in the picture to the right.

The principle is also illustrated in a sketch to the right. The implantation can be made with any ion, but we primarily use Cr ions and N ions, as they fulfil the needs of our customers.

Click on the picture above and watch a short video clip that gives a good idea of the ion implantation process. Ion implantation is carried out at low temperatures, which provides an optimal solution for temperature sensitive tool materials.

The ion implantation CC CRO prevents the very destructive corrosion of air exhausts and other areas which can be attacked by aggressive gasses from the plastic during injection moulding (a process which is called the diesel effect). Corrosion wears away the steel by forming holes and pitting at the surface. CC CRO produces a surface that is 30 – 40 % chromium, which is significantly more than the amount of the available chromium content in the tool steel that is typically used for jobs where corrosion protection is necessary. The available chromium and chrome oxides protect the surface against corrosion.

The ion implantation CC N prolongs the tool life of very sharp knives, tools and instruments by protecting against abrasive wear which wears out and erodes the cutting edge. The process is used where a traditional PVD coating cannot be tolerated due to the thickness of the coating rounding off the cutting edge. CC N produces a surface with 20 – 30 % nitrogen. The effect is comparable to traditional nitriding – however, without the same radical effect. The process is used in connection with very sharp tools or thin cross sections because the penetration depth is very low compared with a traditional gas - or ion nitriding. The low penetration depth prevents the high risk of a brittle structure which can occur when using a traditional gas - or ion nitriding on thin cutting edges.

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  • No burning/corrosion with CC CRO.
  • Increased abrasion resistance of very
    sharp knives/tool parts with CC N.
  • The implanted surface has no
    dimensional changes.
  • The processes have an friction coefficient of 0.5
    and a temperature resistance of 350/450 °C.
  • Reprocessing of already implanted
    workpieces can be done without
    any problems.
  • The surfaces to be implanted must
    be pure metal and free from
  • Ion implantation is performed at
    low temperatures, which provides
    an optimal solution for temperature
    sensitive tool material.

  • Alloying the steel surface with Cr ions
    and N ions.
  • Less maintenance and servicing of
    your tools.
  • Save money with an improved service
    life for your tools.
  • Combined processes, where PVD
    coatings are implanted with ions,
    are carried out to achieve synergies
    in, amongst other things, the
    demoulding properties.

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