CCMold - high performance for the plastic industry

- injection molding, vacuum forming, blow molding, pultrusion and more.

Tools coated, re-coated and repaired using the CCMold technology retain their qualities longer.

The benefits are reduced costs along with products of a higher and more consistent quality. The highly-trained technicians at CemeCon Scandinavia, with their expert knowledge regarding the use of our coating technology, are always at your service.

Several of the coatings are done at temperaturs as low as 170 °C.

Molding plastic​

- practical applications that helps you reduce the costs.

Using our DLC coating you can operate tools without lubrication.

Using our special developed CCMold HyperSlip coatings you can get the optimal wear resistance and demolding case scenario.

Using our ion implantation processes you can prevent corrosion attachs in your molds.

Using our coating protect your aluminium and copper parts against wear.

Contact CemeCon Scandinavia to learn more about the advantages by using our PVD and ion implantation.

  • No adhesion and deposits.
  • Anti sticking against plastics.
  • Sliding parts without lubrication.
  • Increased wear resistance on tool part.
  • Layer thicknesses up to 40µm
  • Corrosion protection.
  • Less maintanance costs.
  • re-alloying the steel surfaces to new propperties.
  • Longer service life on the components.
  • Save money through an increased service life.

Learn more about the coatings from CemeCon Scandinavia or call or mail us for further information and advice.



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