CCDia - high performance solutions for cutting

- Cutting of graphite, green parts, plastics and composites.

CCDia coatings is used where traditional coatings no longer gives a reasonable service life compaired with the tool costs. The proces enables the coating of shank tools and inserts.

CCDia coatings is depositet at high temperaturs and only opens up the possibillity to coat some hard metals.
Please contact us for further information regarding hard metals.

Contact CemeCon Scandinavia to learn more about the advantages by using our diamond coatings.

  • 4 different coating types depending on the application.
  • Increased wear resistance on hard metal tools.
  • Layer thicknesses up to 15µm
  • Save money through a significant improves service life on tools.

Learn more about the coatings from CemeCon Scandinavia or call or mail us for further information and advice.



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