CemeCon Scandinavia deliver coating solutions in a close dialoge with our costumers. Our solutions depend on what kind of job the tools are requiered to solve and the need of our costumers.​

CemeCon Scandinavia combine our products with external services to ensure you the best solution.

CemeCon Scandinavia provides:  

- Protection against wear.

- Protection of polished surfaces.

- Reduced maintanance.

- Increased productivity.

- the foundation for your dry running applications.

Using surface technology from CemeCon Scandinavia it is possible to obtain a significant increase in tool life or a enhanced productivity.

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CemeCon Scandinavia A/S

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Cemecon Scandinavia A/S

Navervej 28 

8382 Hinnerup

Tlf.: 70 22 11 61

CVR: 32293395