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Read the last article in Plast Panorama where we tell about how you save money by exploiding the options with calibrating the measurements on your tool parts.
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Oktober 2013​

Read about how you can save money by using the possibillities with ajusting the meassurements and tolerances on your tool parts.
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September 2013.

Read the new info flyer about CemeCon Scandinavia A/S
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September 2013.

Read about the possibillities with the new PVD Pure Cr proces as a potential substitute for hard chrome plating.
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August 2013.

Read about the new CCmold HyperSlip concept where we have developed a new coating solution to effectivly demolding and dense and defect free surfaces.
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Januar 2013.

Project completion:

Wafer based manufacturing of integrated camera-modules for cell-phones.
The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation. Year 2009 - 2012.

November 2012.​

Read about the new CCMold RE-SURF concept where we give "old and used tools new life".

Call for further information.
November 2012.

Read about the open house arrangemnet at CemeCon Scandinavia A/S.

Juni 2011.

Read about a CCMold costumer job where CemeCon has solved a demolding challenge and reduced the cycle time.

April 2011.​


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